“I had the opportunity to take classes with Ruben during the last 18 months. When I started I had accumulated tons of bad habits taught by “specialists” in my country (Switzerland). Ruben’s personal training turned me from a loser to a winner. His “eagle eye” finds out immediately where correction is needed and his sense of humor together with clear friendly advice makes the trainings and the classes a real fun moment. I could feel and see improvement after every session. I applied all the learned skills at home to my cutting horse who did not want to cut anymore. After a few months we both regained the fun for cutting and we finished in the top five twice in a row. All the guys out there who were having a lot of fun when I showed up at the shows in my country, all of sudden became quiet and asked: “what happened to you and your horse?”. That feels so good. Thank you Ruben, I’ll never forget the time we spent together in the practice pen and at the shows.” – Benedict Broennimann
“Training with Ruben Mageno is a fantastic experience! We have been with Ruben for two years and it gets better all the time. He is magical with a horse and we have found it so easy to learn from him. He is patient and gentle in his technique with us and the horse. Our mare is showing to her full potential and we owe it all to Ruben. If you are looking for the real deal, look no further, Ruben is it. Thank you Ruben for a beautiful experience.” – Michelle and Gene Morris