Ruben’s approach to training is simple…Love It!
Cutting is about passion and a “get after it” attitude. As a rider you really have to love the sport. That love and passion radiates through the connection between you and your horse. So, Ruben’s first main objective is to ensure the best match between horse and rider, taking into consideration skill level of rider, training level of horse and the “personalities” of both.

Live It
There is no substitute for getting in the saddle and squaring off with the cow! Riding, training, and competing is what makes this sport so much fun! Ruben is available for training, traveling to shows, and “being in your corner” as turn back support in actual competition. In addition, if you are looking to further your investment Ruben trains and shows Open horses as well.

Learn It
The learning comes easy with the right teacher. This is where Ruben really sets himself apart as a trainer. At “home” Ruben will customize a training program for you and your horse, ensuring fast learning while maintaining optimal competition performance. Students often comment on Ruben’;s “calming effect,” sincerity, and ability to effectively communicate in and out of the show pen.

Who knew 2.5 minutes could be so damn much fun?